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To come face to face with a piece of art is to look at oneself in the mirror and to let oneself be discovered by the artist. When an entire building is one big piece of art, the viewer is wholly subjected to the will of its creator – someone who, given their experience and emotional attunement, is able to break the members of their audience down and transform them. With the aim of turning the guests into the main players on a broad art canvas, Arantza Hotela, a 5-star establishment, came to be, in the midst of nature. The artist behind this gargantuan piece is Jose Pablo Arriaga, a magnificent connoisseur of human condition.

Jose Pablo Arriaga’s history has become art, his past has turned present, and his present has become a message of remembrance that must never be forgotten. Arantza Hotela is a colossal sculpture inside another work of art: nature. All the fields of art have come together in this piece that turns poetry, in the midst of the forest’s beauty, into architecture. For its interior, stone, cement, and wooden sculptures take center stage. These are materials that, at first glance, seem to be static; yet, they are transformed by the artist and provided with dynamism to create a certain tension amongst the pieces, to reveal an invincible force that struggles to free itself. The feelings produced by its art are what make a stay at Arantza Hotela really something to be experienced.

This luxury, adults-only hotel is designed entirely for couples and rekindling bonds. Each one of the rooms is designed as a romance novel in which the guests play the roles of the key characters. Its panoramic spa, for example, is private and may only be used by one couple at a time. In its restaurant, its tables have only two wooden legs and it is thus necessary for both members of the couple to keep them steady – just like a life shared by two people. The restaurant’s menu –awarded “4 forks,” the greatest distinction offered by the Government of Navarre– is one of the main pillars of a stay at Arantza Hotela.

The hotel also has an extensive range of activities that can be done off site. Amongst the options are four-wheeler paths, scenic journeys through the countryside, and meals at a true gastronomic society. In all of these activities, what guests love most is the warmth and closeness with which they are treated – and sometimes even new friendships are formed amongst them.

And, what can be said about the rooms!? All of them measure between 50 m2 and 120 m2 and are designed for spending time together in harmony: a Hästens king-sized bed, a round bathtub, a fireplace, and the ubiquitous wood that blends in with the forest all help to turn these little niches into a great place of refuge. The large windows in the bedrooms allow for guests to enjoy the lush nature that surrounds the hotel – and even delve into it. This is a place where you can achieve a state of rest and absolute silence like nowhere else.

Arantza Hotela also has a spectacular wine-tasting room in which bold wooden beams that emulate a wine barrel plant the wine tasters in a sophisticated, heady atmosphere.

Jose Pablo, a true magician and expert of space and form, as well as input from friends and guests, have helped to make Arantza Hotela the best hotel in Navarre and turn it into something that is both artistic and aesthetically critical yet, at the same time, hopeful. The hotel has been recognized with several awards, amongst which is the 2017 award for the Best Getaway Hotel by Condé Nast Traveler magazine.


Arantza Hotela

Barrio Aientsa 10, Arantza.

Tel.: +34 654 318 949



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